Request Hour Ala - Ala

     Few weeks later Indonesia branch of 48 group will hold their first Request hour. For you who dont know what is Request Hour, go check google im gonna explain to you what is it. Request Hour is annual event of AKB48, they rank their popular songs from 100 to 1 based on people votes and then members will countdown the songs and perform it on stage one by one. People usually vote the songs where their favorite members sang it and sometimes because of song's quality, so bias factor is involved here and you can imagine the 'vote war' between each member's fans..fufu.
     Few days ago, a friend told me that she was compiling her version of 48G's Request Hour and she challenged me to write mine, and then i spent these past 3 days to compile my version. I was having hard times writing the list because i planned to make my best 30 but ended up with 87 songs -___-
So i squeezed the list to 50 songs, aaaaaand here we go..my own version of 48G's songs Top 50 and my ideal members who have to sing them !

PS : This is my Request Hour Top 50 in alternate universe, some members might already graduated or never really sing the unit songs, and the embedded links maybe different with the members i wrote here :p

#50. Pokkari - French Kiss 
This song performed by Kashiwagi Yuki, Takajo Aki, and Kuramochi Asuka in their sub unit "French Kiss"

#49. Temodemo No Namida - Melody, Jessica Vania
One of my favorite songs on my first few months of idoling xD

#48. Suki ! Suki ! Skip ! - HKT48
Sounds like fresh loli teenage spirits !

#47. Boku No Sakura - JKT48
Though the indo translated lyric sounds weird, but i have my favorite quote "Bahwa semua orang berlari dalam tempo yang berbeda"

#46. Anata Ga Ita Kureta Kara - AKB48
It's about support from the one you love

#45. Candy - Owada Nana, Ego Yuna, Matsumoto Chikako
I usually like AKB48 songs with deep meaning or energetic dance songs, but this song is just too kawaii to be not on the list xD
I dont know if those young members ever sing this unit song together but sure they will be cute combo !

#44. Heart Gata Virus - Kojima Haruna, Matsui Rena, Watanabe Miruki
Another cute song that will be a waste to be not on the list

#43. Kakkowarui I Love You - French Kiss
This song is opening song of my favorite anime "Sket Dance"
Back then i didnt know if French Kiss is AKB48's sub unit xD

#42. Dazai Osamu Wa Yonda Ka? - Yokoyama Yui, Yamamoto Sayaka, Yamada Nana
Acoustic guitar, Harmonica, and Sayanee's voice...this song instantly be my favorite when i watched it for first time on Manatsu no Dome Tour

#41. Juuryaku Sympathy - AKB48
I think the opposite of this song is Gravity by Sara Bareilles. lol

#40. Kitagawa Kenji - NMB48
My favorite NMB48's song ever

#39. Tsuyogari Dokei - Azuma Rion Solo Piano
I like the original song, but this version brought different ambience. Me likey !

#38. Korogaru Ishi Ni Nare - Oshima Team K
What's on your mind when you hear this song? Team K Spirit !

#37. Blue Rose - Yamamoto Sayaka, Akimoto Sayaka, Miyazawa Sae, Matsui Jurina
Those members will be super cool combo if sing this unit song together

#36. Nakinagara Hohoende - Oshima Yuko
Typical graduation song, but the image of Oshima Yuko sung it on her graduation concert with solo piano behind is just memorable

#35. Lay Down - Matsui Team E
Matsui Rena in leather outfit is asdfghkkfhdfljhdlkj *hyperventilated*

#34. So Long ! - AKB48
I like this song and everyone looks good on the MV

#33. Kidzuitara Kataomoi - Nogizaka46+Matsui Rena
I know this one is not 48's song, but i instantly like this song when i listened to it for the first time and made me listen to another Nogizaka's songs. Actually Matsui Rena haven't transferred yet when this single released, but on the video i embedded...she's there, and she looks good in Nogizaka's outfit *_*

#32. DA DA Machine Gun - Takayanagi Team KII 
An energetic song from SKE48's 16th Single, sung by the energetic Takayanagi Team KII !

 #31. 12/31 - Yamamoto Sayaka
Yamamoto Sayaka singing and playing guitar is always my favorite

 #30. Kimi No Koto Ga Suki Dakara - AKB48 
This song bring me back to the old days, i knew this song from uuhh...pad's CM where Akicha and JKT48 girls running and indonesian version of this song played in background

 #29. Sakura No Ki Ni Narou - AKB48
Though the MV is kinda sad but the song is good and fetus Matsui Jurina is there :>

We're at the number 29 here pals...what a long list and still more to come. And you know, this post will be super long if i comment on each rank so i'll just comment some :P
But before we continue to the next ranks, here's some exercise by Matsui Rena

Feel refreshed? Now let's continue !

#28. Iiwake Maybe - AKB48

#27. Omoide Ijou - Suga Nanako, Matsui Jurina (C), Umemoto Madoka

#26. Boku Wa Shitte Iru - SKE48 
This song is SKE48 Documentary soundtrack

#25. Sansei Kawaii - SKE48  

#24. Gomen ne,Summer - SKE48

#23. Ponytail to Shushu - AKB48
My First AKB48's song :>

#22. Houkago Race - Miyazawa Team S

#21. First Rabbit - JKT48 

#20. Choco No Dorei - SKE48 

#19. RESET - Oshima Team K 

#18. Suzukake Nanchara - Janken Senbatsu 2013 
The complete title for this song is "Suzukake no Ki no Michi de 'Kimi no Hohoemi o Yume ni Miru' to Itteshimattara Bokutachi no Kankei wa Dou Kawatteshimau no ka, Bokunari ni Nannichi ka Kangaeta Ue de no Yaya Kihazukashii Ketsuron no Youna Mono" which is hella long for a song title -__- so they make the short version "Suzukake Nanchara". A single where Matsui Jurina selected as the center through rock,paper,scissor tournament called 'Janken' :D

#17. Kataomoi Finally - SKE48
Because of this song's MV, i googled Matsui Jurina and shocked when i found out that she was only 14 at that time -__-
Then i decided to made her as my #1 oshi after :>

#16. Oki Doki - SKE48
Most energetic SKE's song eveeerrrrr

#15. Yume No Kawa - AKB48

#14. Escape - SKE48 

#13. Mirai To Wa ? - SKE48 

#12. Give Me Five - AKB48 

#11. River - AKB48

You guys ready for the Top 10?


 Here we go, the Top 10 !

#10. Two Roses - Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena
Food for the shipper's soul

#09. Bukiyou Taiyou - SKE48
I think this song is the only SKE48's side A song with slow beat music so far. I embedded the video from NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2014 where they did 'magic' with their costume xD

#08. Heavy Rotation - AKB48
Who dont know this legendary song? Even the non AKB fans familiar with this song xD
With legendary Oshima Yuko as center :)

#07.Kiss Datte Hidarikiki - SKE48 (WMatsui Center) 
This song is the root of all the evil, because of this song i began to ship those two >_< 

#06. Himawari - Akimoto Sayaka, Noro Kayo, Shinoda Mariko, Oshima Mai 
This is the original version of himawari during Himawarigumi 1st stage "Boku No Taiyou" on 2007.
I like all version of this song, even the Indonesian version though it sounds weird. lol

#05. Kamigami No Ryouiki - SKE48 1st Generation
Even until now my eyes still watery after watching this 1st gen performance at Nagoya Dome, it was their dream and they can reach it and please look at the lyrics...it has deep meaning too especially for the 1st generation.

#04. Hikoukigumo - AKB48 
*Spins towel in the air* xD

#03. Shoujotachi Yo - AKB48 
When i need a song to brighten up my rough days, this song will spark me up with the upbeat music and i silently dancing inside my head, yes inside my head. xD

#02. UZA - AKB48 
Is there any 48G's songs cooler than this? UZA is absolutely the coolest dance song among hundreds of 48G's songs \o/

Finaly we're here....my #1 KamiSong, it's a simple song but it has deep meaning for me. This song said that "The dream is amidst the sweat, and hardwork would never betray"
You have to work hard to reach your dreams..
Here people, the last but not least..

#01. Shonichi - AKB48 

Those are my Top 50 48 Groups songs, what's yours? 


The Force Awakens

Hi there everyone, it’s been ages since I posted something here. I’ve been busy and dealing with hard times  I was just procrastinating and being potato all the time so I had to drag my lazy butt off to start blogging again.
Anyway, if you’re thinking that im gonna write about the infamous new episode of Star Wars, you're wrong. This is not about Star Wars or something related though I picked the title, I warned you.

This is about the force that  wake my inner wota self. Lol

If you read my few last posts, im sure you know that im hooked to the famous Japanese Idol Group and their sisters these past few years. But lately I lost my interest to them maybe because I have something that picked my interest more than them, I rarely listen to their songs, watch variety shows (back then, I did it almost everyday), or following their activities through social media. 
Okay I lied, I still following the latest info but just a certain member and you know who *winks*

Last night, I finally finished watching Matsui Rena 2588Days Graduation Concert. Those concert files were staying idle in my hard disk drive for 2 months or so, most people from this fandom might watched them long time ago…few days after the pirated files available on internet hahaha. It’s not like I don’t have time to watch them, I just don’t feel like to watch it yet. 
So, last night i finished it and the feel was surprising. It was like my first time watching SKE48’s dvd concert where the only members I know were Rena and Jurina,lol. 
Last night was a bit different, I could name most of them ( just some new faces from new generation looks unfamiliar ), I knew most of the songs just by the intro, and *cough* I was chanting silently.

Inside, i was like this
 But the ambience and the feel just the same, the way they dance energetically still amaze me.

The way they talk and joking on Mcs still amusing ( Though I only understand a bit since it’s in Japanese), the massive stage set with sailor theme, well arranged setlist choice by Matsui Rena herself , and theatrical gimmicks they gave was dazing. It was good that I was almost crying.

This is the 'force' i mentioned earlier, my inner fangirl self that slowly fading this past year has been awaken hahaha. And maybe I'll be watching my old video collections for next few weeks.
This is a little proof that my interest on 48 groups haven't died yet, even i can't catch up with their development because the groups became big now and i dont know where to start ~_~
Just 1 certain member to fulfill my daily dose of kawaii is enough \^o^/

By the way, i wrote this post from my phone..so editing links and images are pain in the booty -__-
So guys, let me know if there are links that doesn't work. Catch you later, fellas !


The Real Heartbreak

Do you know how it feels? The real heartbreak,

Real heartbreak is being left by someone dearest in your life.  I’ve been experiencing lately, someone that very important in my life has been passed away.

It’s my father. He’s leaving without a single warn, it’s way too quickly..too shocking…too painful. Even until now  I still don’t believe that he’s gone.

It was a peaceful evening, just like usual i just came back from work. There he was, sitting normally in the chair while watching tv and sipping glass of tea that my mom usually made. Then we casually discussing something on tv..The Presidential Election Disputation. At that time, I didn’t know that the conversation will be my last conversation with him. After that I excused myself for take a bath, and he continuing what he done before, munching some snacks and watching tv.

When I finished, he already went to the shop, our shop that my parents keeping every evening. It was very usual evening…until around 8 p.m. my phone rang. It was my mom, she said that my father suddenly passed out. And after that he never gain his consciousness until the day he passed away.

It’s just unacceptable,remembering how healthy he was few hours before. Doctor said that he had a hypertension and followed with stroke attack, and unfortunately some blood vessels inside his head were already break. I cried, we cried…my father is in his comatose state, there’s just a tiny hope that my father will gain his consciousness and back to normal. They said even my father could pass his comatose state, he barely able to move half of his body…that’s so heartbreaking. All we can do just pray..and pray, hoping there’s a miracle that could bring my father back. But it seems that God love my father more than us. It was afternoon, 2 days after my father laying unconscious in the hospital’s intensive care unit, he left me…he left us. The tears that I’ve been held for few days flowing, the fake ‘im okay’ act I’ve been keeping in front of my mother,brothers,and sisters had been collapse. It’s hurt seeing him laying there…lifeless.

The one who always help my art assignments during school, The one who drove and picked me up to work for almost 2 years, The one who kept saying “Everything’s okay” when I know something’s ain’t gonna be okay. The one who replied my message with “Siap komandan kecil !” though i often grumpily texting him to picked me up at work. He’s great father, he ever make mistakes…of course we all do make mistakes. He’s a hard worker, a sleepy head, a good singer, and a great artist. Now he's no longer here.

Do you know what the real heartbreak is?

Realizing something is missing in your life after he passed away. Sure things changed a lot, someone as a strong pillar in my family has been collapsed. I feel bad for not be able to be a good daughter during his life, he might be suffering a lot because of me. Now he’s resting peacefully there, all i can do is pray and keep doing my best because life must be so rough ahead.

Sleep well, Father.


2014,A Good Start,and The Jailbait

Happy New Year 2014 ! Akimashite Omedetou Gozaimasu ! Selamat Tahun baru !

     Well,it's kinda late for 'happy new year' greeting...it's March already but once again...HAPPY NEW YEAR!! may lots of good things lies ahead ^^
From the beginning of this year i wanna make few changes due to the "Blog's Resurrection" :D
I think the header,template,and anything here needs update because it's looks lame. I dont have any idea how to make this blog appearance looks 'somewhat cool' because i dont have any experiences on web/blog designing and bad taste too . Need help ! T_T
I think im gonna write here regularly again,despite im not good enough at writing...especially in english. Wait...what?? English? Yes, from now on im trying to write posts in english. Since my english isn't so good, im sorry for the 'acakadul' grammars and the typos in the future, maybe some of words will be indonesian or probably javanesian,lets say it gado-gado post !
As i copied the quote from the plain textbook "Practice Makes Perfect" so here we go...i'll try to widened the wings to the foreign readers by write the posts in english *kayak ada yang baca aja,Met*
So please look after me from now on ^_^

  Recently, there is a big event in my life..hoho guess what?? i got a promotion at work ! well my hard works for a year is not a waste then. Finally, im able to have a job that suits my education basic.
So happy for the promotion,it means that my goals to aim for higher and better career slowly move. But kinda sad,because i have to leave the place i've been for a year...with everyone there. But if it's for a better future,doesn't matter then ! i'll work more hard ! yosh !

     Day by day my interest in japanese cultures and all about japanese growing bigger and bigger, maybe now im growing to be some 'they-called-otaku'. It's not like big otaku who spent their time in their room reading mangas or watching animes or other anti-social activities. I just love them as some stress-released and entertainment *and also my hideout from how rough life is*. And now the problem is, not only addicted with mangas and animes...i also put big interested in idoling..hoho...you know, the group that people are talking about nowadays, the group that have an overseas sister group project here in Indonesia. Yes, as predicted..im gonna talk about AKB48. In my last post,im talking about JKT48..their sister group. Im not interested in AKB at first, but when i know that dedek-dedek JKT48 im more curious about their cultures, this franchise cultures that was built by their Big Sister : Akihabara 48 or we called AKB48.
Im not gonna explain what are they or the basic information about them...go googled it then ^^
Maybe it's kinda weird...but i the more i know about them,the more i love them !
Few of friends were complaining about my sudden fangirl act *LOL*  like when i watched some videos with bunch of cute girls dancing and singing and i make an expression ">.<" or "kyaa,they're so cuuuute !!"
And my social media posts like my twitter account filled with fangirling stuffs..haha
It's not like im falling for them in romantic way *im a straight,and i know im still have an interest to men* it's just...umm..how i described them...umm they just so adorable ! thats it.

     Actually in this fandom, i put more interest in one certain member. Guess who?? She's so damn cool ! She has boyish and girlish aura as well, i never see any member that have that aura like her >.< *switch to fangirl mode : start !*

she's so cool, isn't she?

    Aaaannd she just turned 17 years old yesterday ! Happy Birthday, Matsui Jurina :D

Happy Birthday,Super Kid !
 Well,it's kinda embarassing for me back then to do such fangirling act...haha. But when first i saw her in some plays where her role is be a yankee,i instantly have a crush on her ! Beside that, the long way she has been through to popularity like now really impressing me. Joining AKB48 at 11years old and break the myths..replacing the absolute center of AKB48 Maeda Atsuko as new center in the "Oogoe Diamond" single is really a big start. Ah,it's not good...i wanna write a lot about her *stay on the ground,Meta !*
And that's about The Juribait,im absolutely hooked by the bait >.<

Ah~ i wrote too much,didn't i? since it's almost a year i abandoned this blog. In the future,i'll manage to post something more often to this blog ^o^


Comeback post : How Can I Fall In Love With Them??

Haloooo saya kembali lagi setelah lebih dari setaun sejak postingan terakhir. Sempet sibuk bersih - bersih sarang laba- laba di pojok pojokan blog karena lama nggak diintipin yang punya..hihi
Well, this post gonna be a long...long post.
Mau cerita darimana dulu ya? Waktu terakhir kali nulis, waktu itu masih sekolah pas bulan - bulan menuju wisuda. Tapi sekarang udah kerjaaaa...sempet kerja 6 bulan di salah satu kantor swasta dan akhirnya berakhir dengan resignation karena nggak betah..sempet mengalami masa - masa terburuk yang kepikiran pun nggak pernah sebelumnya,but...after a hurricane comes a rainbow..sekarang kehidupan sudah sedikit demi sedikit membaik setelah berobat ke klinik tong fang *lame joke? ups sorry*
There's lots of things happens in my life, but im not gonna write it here now...karena mostly kejadian kejadian sedih dimana aku terjatuh dan tak bisa bangkit lagi hingga tersesat lalu tak tau jalan pulang. Begitu kalo kata lagu yang hits beberapa saat yang lalu..aku bagai butiran debu, tapi debu macam apa yang sebesar saya? debu kosmik hujan asam? ah sudahlah..jadi ngelantur.

Jadi begini, berapa taun terakhir ini Indonesia lagi dihangatkan dengan kemunculan fenomena segerombolan cewek cewek yang (kebanyakan) wajahnya oriental dengan rambut lurus kadang diwarnain, pake baju senada joget megal megol sambil nyanyi di layar kaca. Begitupun dengan cowok...badan bagus cakep cakep..rambut poni lempar...joget megal megol yang kata orang - orang ketularan euforia budaya k-pop dari negeri Korea sana. Saking banyaknya grup yang muncul sampai semuanya hampir sama. Orang-orang menyebutnya dengan "Girlband/Boyband"
Tiap hari mereka muncul di acara-acara musik televisi yang penontonnya suka joget cuci-kucek-jemur-kering-setrika,muncul dimana-mana, sampai akhirnya eneg sendiri >..<

Lalu pertengahan tahun 2012 ada satu grup yang menarik perhatian saya, konsepnya unik...bahkan mereka nggak mau disebut "Girlband". Dengan jumlah anggota yang belum lazim ada di Indonesia,ya..pasti udah pada tau siapa yang saya maksud. Belasan cewek usia 14-21 taun dengan baju senada mirip seragam sekolah jepang nyanyi rame-rame di panggung dengan lirik lagu terjemahan mirip lagu kartun di hari Minggu, waktu itu komentar saya "Apaan sih ini?" dengan skeptis "Alah paling juga sama kayak yang lain"
Nama mereka "JKT48" dulu saya (mungkin beberapa orang hingga saat ini) melafalkannya dengan "JekateEmpatLapan" hahaha apa bangeeeet "JekeitiFourtyEight" kaliiii baru bener. Mendeklarasikan diri sebagai first overseas sister group AKB48 idol grup yang cetar membahana di Jepang sana. Dengan konsep mereka yang nggak biasa, saya mulai tertarik...mulailah googling, baca banyak artikel, demi cari tau apaan sih mereka ini?
Sekumpulan cewek cewek yang nggak bisa nyanyi,beberapa nggak punya basic bisa ngedance, public speaking masih kagok, dibentuk sedemikian rupa buat menjadi Idola yang sebenarnya.
Kenapa saya bisa suka bahkan mungkin sekarang jatuh hati sama mereka? Adalah usaha dan cerita dibalik mereka yang sedang membangun mimpi untuk menjadi seorang idola. Liat deh sekarang, udah pada tambah cantiiik, suaranya udah lumayan, dance nya bagus.
Kenapa dibilang beda sama girlband beraroma K-pop yang marak di Indonesia? Sebenernya di Korea pun mereka juga nggak disebut Girlband/Boyband..mereka itu Idol. Entah siapa yang mulai istilah Girlband ato Boyband di Indonesia. Kalo di Korea mereka dilatih dulu sampe mateng dengan waktu yang lama (bahkan sampe bertaun taun) hingga mereka dirasa pantas dan siap untuk 'dijual' intinya mereka jual produk yang udah jadi dan siap dipasarkan.
Beda nya sama konsep Jepang...mereka jual proses ! All Hail otak - otak kampret nan cerdas orang - orang Jepang ini !!
Dari anak sekolah yang biasa aja, nggak bisa nyanyi, nggak bisa dance...lalu dilatih tampil di depan publik..tampil di panggung dengan fans yang mendukung mereka dari hari ke hari sampai mereka jadi idola yang besar. Tumbuh bersama idola, that's their selling point. Liat perkembangan idola dari hari ke hari.
Bagi sebagian orang yang belum ngerti konsepnya pasti bakalan "Apaan sih?" sama kayak saya dulu yang termasuk jajaran orang-orang skeptis yang 'iyuh' sama mereka. Tapi sekarang...undescribable lah pokoknya..hahaha. Sebenernya masih banyak hal yang dijelasin tentang dek idol ini,but i'll tell you later deh
Oh iya beberapa minggu lalu, nyobain ikutan dateng ke direct selling CD single baru jeketi (well, i call them with a short name) . Pertama dateng ke venue bikin melongo karena antrian sampai tempat parkir...dan kebanyakan dari mereka yang ngantri...cowok -___-
Kalo dipikir pikir....yaelah ngapaiiin antri ber jam jam demi sekeping CD..bayar pula,dapet bonus Toss sama ngobrol beberapa detik sama dedek dedek idol ini.
Tapi pas nyobain....speechless ketemu dekidol hahaha.They're just too cute and soooo adorable, rasanya mau mencret kesenengan pas disenyumin sama diucapin makasih udah beli CD nya haha.
Ini antrian pas udah depan pintu ballroom, sebelumnya udah ngantri sejam -_-

Setelah sampe dalem ketemu deh sama Dekidol jualan kaset CD ^^   

beginian doang dapetnya nih yaelah..haha, tapi seneeeeng xD

Baiklah, karena abis night shift dan belum tidur ini postingan jadi ngelantur nggak jelas. Lain kali kita sambung lagi lah ya post tentang Dekidol ini. Maybe people think im weird tapi kalo aku sih cuek. Dadaaaah ^o^


For the people i loved

Malam ini saya mengutuki diri sendiri yang belakangan baru sadar kalo ternyata orang-orang ini sayang banget sama saya, mungkin lebih dari apapun.
Bodoh sekali saya dulu yang menganggap mereka nggak perhatian, nggak pernah bisa mengerti, dan berbagai alasan pendukung buat kontra sama mereka. Sumpah bodoh banget....
Selama ini saya sering sakit hati karena mereka selalu under estimate,ini lah, itu lah, dan emang bener pada kenyataannya saya emang kayak gitu. Kalo diskusi sama mereka, buat berargumen pun saya nggak mampu..cuma bisa nahan aja biar nggak nangis. Selalu kayak gitu, selalu pengen nangis...entah itu ekspresi dari banyak hal yang tak terkatakan dan numpuk saking lamanya atau mungkin ekspresi terharu.
Cuma bisa diem,buat marah pun nggak bisa karena emang keadaan saya yang salah. Tapi karena itu semua, malah jadi motivasi someday saya harus bisa lebih dari yang mereka ekspektasikan, someday saya harus bisa membahagiakan mereka semua.
Jujur ya, saya ngerasa aja kurang perhatian lalu mencari pelarian ke ini dan itu ke orang-orang yang jauh demi mendapat rasa dimengerti dan diperhatikan. Tapi sekali lagi saya menyadari kalo saya bodoh..mereka itu mengerti, mereka itu memperhatikan lebih dari siapapun dengan cara mereka sendiri. Mungkin jiwa ababil saya terpengaruh era sinetron jaman sekarang yang oh-so-melodrama yang salah mengartikan. Mereka mengenal saya lebih dari siapapun,lebih dari diri saya sendiri mungkin. Dan sekarang ini melegakan sekali bisa berbagi cerita dan terbuka sama mereka walaupun harus nunggu sampai larut malam, nggak perlu lama-lama cerita dan mereka mengerti lalu memberi tanggapan dari yang jenaka sampai yang serius...rasanya melegakan sekali.
Seperti malam ini atau malam-malam yang lain ketika saya bingung tentang masa depan, saya berkeluh kesah sama seorang teman yang dianggap mungkin bisa memberi solusi tapi ternyata nggak.
Lalu saya datang ke mereka minta petunjuk "harusnya gimana? bagusnya gimana?"
Mereka selalu bilang "Semuanya kami serahkan sama kamu, kamu yang menjalani hidup. Apapun yang kamu pilih,kami dukung" dulu saya benci sama jawaban semacam ini, saya pikir mereka mau lepas tangan nggak mau ngurusin saya...liat lagi kan betapa bodohnya?
Tapi semakin kesini semakin disadarkan kalo sesungguhnya mereka itu bener-bener mencintai saya,sayang sama saya.
Orang tua mana sih yang pengen anaknya hidup nggak enak?orang tua mana sih yang nggak pengen anaknya bahagia?
Untuk kamu dan kamu,Orang tua saya. Maaf selama ini saya berpikir bodoh tentang kalian, saya sayang kalian :')